Panthera Pardus | Leopard

Acrylic on linen panel

100 x100cm

£2950 Sold

10% donated to African Cat Project

Eqqus Quagga | Zebra

Acrylic on linen canvas

70 x 70cm

£2250 Sold


Ceratotherium Simum | White Rhino

Coloured Pencil on Watercolour Paper

25 x 25cm

£645.00 Sold

Donation made to Save the Rhino International

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

Leopards often meet conflict in Africa with the farmers there. Losing areas of their habitat to farmland means they can end up trespassing on the hunt for food. To protect the livestock, farmers can resort to shooting them, a sad and unnecessary solution that can result in leaving young cubs without a mother.
I have teamed up with the African Cat Project who have a project set up in Namibia to protect these beautiful cats giving 10% of the Leopard study to support this project.

After completing and selling an African elephant study, 10% was donated to WWF elephant adoption, which helps 

  • protect habitats and restore degraded biological corridors

  • train and equip anti-poaching patrols

  • work with local communities to monitor elephant movement and reduce human-elephant conflict

  • fund WWF's other essential work around the world

Original artwork of a grey kangaroo was created to raise funds to support the work to protect wildlife during the extensive bush fires. With the donations for the original giveaway combined with the print sales, we have raised £325.00 for the WWF Australian Appeal! Thank you to everyone who donated!

"Referred to as ‘The Oscars of wildlife art’ the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s annual Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition is a culmination of months, sometimes years, of work from wildlife artists around the world.

With at least 50% of the proceeds from all sales supporting David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia, we were able to raise an amazing £90,100."