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The National Mouse Club


Working alongside The National Mouse Club, Zoe has created a collection of accurate depictions based on the club's Standard of Excellence.

This collection is an ongoing project with more fancy mice illustrations added throughout the year. Each illustration will be released as a limited edition framed print, with only five prints in each edition. To make sure you don't miss out, be sure to check back regularly and sign up to the 'fancy mouse mail list' to be informed of each new edition.

NMC Standardised Varieties
dutch mouse the national mouse club zoe fitchet


A marked breed with a perfect saddle and cheek markings. The Dutch mouse is the mascot breed of the National Mouse Club.


Seal Point Siamese

Gradually shaded over saddle and hind quarters, merging gradually with body colour and being darkest at tail root as seen in the Siamese cat. 

IMG_3478 4.jpg


With pink eyes and a fur colour that can best be described as the deepest tan as on a Black/Tan. 

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