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Supporting Wildlife Conservation Projects Across the World

African Cat Project

Zoe is passionate about supporting conservation and animal welfare organisations across the world, who work to protect vulnerable species, raise awareness of illegal wildlife trade and promote wise use of game management.

"I have always been captivated by the natural world and had a fascination with creating wildlife art from a young age. It has been a passion of mine to use my artwork to support conservations efforts from the start and I will continue to do so throughout my career.

With my art I wish to help raise awareness of conservation issues and encourage others to make a difference by giving their time, money and educating themselves to make good lifestyle choices to help reduce their impact on the natural world."

Current Supported Conservation efforts

Endangered Species

The DIMINISHING collection is something I've been working away on this year to help raise awareness and funds for 100 different species. Every single species in the series in threatened with extinction to some degree and there is so much to learn and do to protect them! This project has the potential to raise £10'000 for wildlife conservation, helping all of the 100 species.


Through the sales of the original and prints of this painting a donation was made to the African Cat Project who work with their partners, the Kariega and Naankuse Foundations on human-leopard conflict mitigation programs, rescue, rehabilitation and release projects, reintroduction initiatives, and research and monitoring of wild leopard populations.


With each pet portrait a 10% donation is made to Dogs Trust.  As the UKs largest dog welfare charity, supporting their work helps to ensure that many dogs have a happy, healthy life.

Over the last 50 years they have provided life changing care and forever homes for over 14,000 of our furry friends and campaign to promote responsible dog ownership.

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