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100 Miles in March 2022

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

So excited to start walking and reach the 100 miles! I'll be keeping you updated with our progress as we walk to and from school and around our local wildlife reserves and woodlands. Thank you to all the generous individuals who have sponsored me so far, I'm so grateful for your support and to have reach the £100 target before even completing a mile!

Normally I'm not one to sign up to these kind of challenges, but as it's in support of a cause that I am so passionate about, I could resist giving it a go. With my 10 month daughter in tow (she'll be on me in the baby carrier for most of the miles), my 6 year old son and Wilbur, our black Labrador for company, I'm sure we will have a great time clocking up the miles in and around our home town in the South of England. We are very lucky to live so close to some beautiful lakes and woodlands. As I spend a lot of time in the studio working, I'm really excited to take some time outside in our lovely surroundings.

It will be great to have your support as you follow along with this challenge! I'm looking forward to exploring some new places and seeing if I can spot any of the lovely wildlife we have here in the UK. The woodlands nearby are home to a few different species of deer and birds of prey.

I'm hoping to complete around 3 miles a day, rounding it up at the weekends. I will try to get outside everyday despite the weather, but if another storm strikes, I may have to do a few miles in the gym...!

Hope you enjoy following along!

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