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A total of seven digital downloads including:

- Target Market Guide (guide & worksheet)

- Creating Artwork You Love (guide)

- Artist Gratitude Affirmations (audio)

- 30 Content Ideas (guide)

- Art in Interiors (guide)

- Creating a Great Composition (guide)

- Content Pillars (worksheet)


From experience and research this collection of digital downloads take you through a variety of topics, all related to creating your own artwork and building your brand. From mindset to content, this bundle includes worksheets, affirmations, content ideas and info guides specifically designed for artists.

All information is given with the intention that you can apply your own specific business model and requires you to work through the materials to gain the best results.


These materials have been put together with an artist in mind and have come from my own experience working as a full time artist, coming from an interior design background and lots of thorough research. The worksheets and guides will share information and exercises that you can complete to give you some new ideas and motivation for your business. I am not a business coach and do not offer expert business advice, however if you have any questions about these materials I will be happy to help where I can.

Artist Business Bundle

  • Due to the downloadable nature of the content, returns are not available, however if you are having trouble accessing or using any of the materials please get in touch via email

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