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Limited Edition Fine Art Print

This limited edition print is signed and framed ready to hang.


- Hand signed and numbered by the artist

- Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

- Professionally mounted and framed in a dark wood (31cm x 35.5cm)

- Limited run of only 5 editions


The Dutch mouse is easily recognised with its distinctive markings on the face and body. As the mascot of the NMC, the dutch marked is the perfect start to the NMC Standardised Varieties collection.


NMC Standard for the Dutch Marked:

Eye colour to be as in standardised variety. In Dutch marked the face or cheek markings should be evenly balanced, a patch covering each side of the face, extending below the eye but not including the whiskers, and not joining between the ears at the narrowest part of the blaze. The cheek markings should not run underneath the jaw. The saddle should come well up from the tail to the middle of the body and be clean cut, top and under. Tail stop to be approximately halfway along the tail. The stops on the hind feet should come halfway between the tips of the toes and the hock. Colour of markings should be carried out in the ears. The coloured markings may be any standard colour.


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