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117cm x 117cm

Coloured pencil on paper

Depicting a singular African Wild Dog.

This beautiful species is know for its striking marking, large ears and strong pack behaviour. They work as a close team to hunt for food and raise their young. Drawing this dog on here own in a stalking stance highlights the beauty and power of an individual, but the weakness and fragility of being without her pack.

Lone Wolf

  • ‘Lone Wolf’ depicts the African Painted Dog. The title of this piece was chosen to highlight the fact she has been drawn alone. These animals are usually part of a pack, so depicting this dog standing alone, I wanted to illustrate the declining numbers of these beautiful creatures in the wild. I created this portrait life size to really show the beauty of these incredible animals, with their stunning markings, amazing ears and powerful physique.

  • If you are not fully satisfied with this piece a return or exchange of art work is acceptable. It is understandable that art can look different in person compared to the online representation of the product. Zoe endevours to represent the artwork to you as best as she can, however, discrepancies in overall colour and texture of the artwork may vary. Returns and exchanges are done on a case by case basis.

    To start a return, you can contact If your return is accepted,

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